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About me

Graphics designer and illustrator from Russia now residing in beautiful Washington State, USA. I have always been a creative person and was good at drawing as a child. My preference is traditional style of illustration. Pencil, ink and white paper inspire me and help me tell a story or convey an idea. My passion is making prints for my favorite books, movies and video games where recreate favorite characters. I have a lot of admiration for medieval paintings, Durer engravings and Arthur Rackham’s illustrations. My artwork is inspired by Northern nature, mythology and folklore.


I love traveling and exploring new cultures. This is a source of encouragement for me and the driving force behind generating new ideas.


My interest for art and illustration throughout the years motivated me to master Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Corel Draw, InDesign which I am using now to finesse my artwork. 


I hope you will enjoy my illustrations.

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